Sunday, 22 March 2015

Writing with Julie

I have been very busy reading and writing with Julie and here are some of my stories.
I looked at the cool tricks with the stick by the Fijian people. I got on the stage and I danced with my friends. Some boys were playing the drums behind the trees. The next day I played mini golf with Dad and Jessie and Gareth. I paid my mum’s money and we got a tennis racquet and tennis ball. I won my first game with Mum.

On Saturday I did Relay for Life and I ran six laps. The next day the track was all muddy because it rained on it. My Dad’s Dad played the drums in the band. I had a hot dog and some hot chips and a soda drink.

Yesterday it was mu Mum’s birthday and my Dad got her a watch.

Yesterday Dad came home from Wellington and got me some shoes.

On Thursday I am going on a marae trip and my Dad is coming. I am going on a bus with my buddies and I wonder where I will eat?


In thirteen sleeps it is Easter eve and I wonder which eggs I am going to get?

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Read to Self

We are learning to read to self. This builds our reading stamina and helps us to get better at reading. We also have lots of fun reading!

Success Criteria

  • I read quietly
  • I concentrate on the book
  • I stay in space
  • I read the whole time
  • I get started straight away

How I am going

Read to self
Kerri thinks


I really like: reading the words in my brain and picking what I what to read like a chapter book.

I think I need to practice: staying in one space and getting started straight away.

Carter, during read to self you read quietly and focus on your book. Remember to make sure you find a place to read that is going to help your learning and to get started straight away. Also make sure you have enough books so you can read the whole time and you focus on your book. Practising read to self will increase your reading stamina so you can concentrate on longer books and chapter books.

Monday, 2 March 2015


We are learning to build our confidence in and around the water. We practise our swimming skills and love to show off our new tricks.

This is what I have been practising:
Safe entry into the pool (1/4 turn entry)
Kerri thinks

Submerge and blow bubbles
Kerri thinks

Float on my back (Starfish)
Kerri thinks

Float on my front (Starfish)
Kerri thinks

Pick up objects with my hand
Kerri thinks

Rocket arms on my front
Kerri thinks

Rocket arms on my back
Kerri thinks


I am really proud of: picking up things under water.

It is tricky when: I pick up a ball because it is slippery.

The next thing I want to learn is: get better at freestyle.

Carter, you are confident in the water and enter the pool safely. You love to show your tricks at the end of swimming and I can see you have been practising so you can pick lots of things up off the bottom of the pool. Remember when you are on your back in the water if you push your tummy up to the sky it will help you to keep you floating.