Sunday, 22 March 2015

Writing with Julie

I have been very busy reading and writing with Julie and here are some of my stories.
I looked at the cool tricks with the stick by the Fijian people. I got on the stage and I danced with my friends. Some boys were playing the drums behind the trees. The next day I played mini golf with Dad and Jessie and Gareth. I paid my mum’s money and we got a tennis racquet and tennis ball. I won my first game with Mum.

On Saturday I did Relay for Life and I ran six laps. The next day the track was all muddy because it rained on it. My Dad’s Dad played the drums in the band. I had a hot dog and some hot chips and a soda drink.

Yesterday it was mu Mum’s birthday and my Dad got her a watch.

Yesterday Dad came home from Wellington and got me some shoes.

On Thursday I am going on a marae trip and my Dad is coming. I am going on a bus with my buddies and I wonder where I will eat?


In thirteen sleeps it is Easter eve and I wonder which eggs I am going to get?

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  1. Fantastic writing. I can see you are working hard with Julie. It is awesome to see you confidence in reading and writing grow! Keep it up!!